About Evolve 24

For EMS businesses to keep up, they need to stay at the forefront of technology and best-practice processes. That’s what EVOLVE is all about. Welcome to Evolve24

General Sessions (T1)

Daily sessions covering a series of topics such as Billing, Scheduling, ePCR and much more.

Grounding and fundamental general sessions cover features, processes and techniques to make the most of the Traumasoft platform.

Training Sessions (T2)

The Training Track offers two sessions available everyday, for a variety of needs.
Training sessions need to be registered at time of ticket purchase

EDU Workshop 100 – Our beginner workshop, hosted on our first day, will consist of basic compliance training to help new users get acquainted with our system modules.

EDU Workshop 200 – Our Basic Compliance Training 102 workshop will be a little more advanced than the 101 training and will focus on specific scenarios related to best practices within the system.

EDU Workshop 300 – Do you want to become a Traumasoft Super User? If so, then this training is just right for you.

VIP Sessions (T3)

A chance to mix with operators, founders and leaders in the field. The traumasoft executive team will be on hand to answer questions, make introductions and provide advice.

Tech Lab

Daily and by appointment (limited numbers – select your sessions when you register fo Evolve 24).

Traumasoft will have team members ready to provide one-on-one training on any topic presented during our breakout sessions. If there are any specific questions that need to be addressed, please stop by, and take advantage of this special opportunity. We will have workstations set up with the ability to access individual systems to provide real-time feedback about system features.

We hope you can join us at our Technology and User Conference. We’ve called the conference ‘EVOLVE’ as it reflects our mission and commitment to the EMS and NEMT industry. We believe that our software products and services must constantly evolve. And we’re glad you’re part of it.
Traumasoft was built with the input and expertise of actual EMS owners, operators, and employees. Pairing real world EMS professionals with a team of expert developers resulted in a solution capable of managing every facet of an EMS or NEMT operation. With an inherent belief that software is only as good as the problems that it solves, Traumasoft continuously solicits and implements user feedback and suggestions from existing clients. We believe the future of world-class EMS software lies in innovation and collaboration.