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Traumasoft was built with the input and expertise of actual EMS owners, operators, and employees. Pairing real world EMS professionals with a team of expert developers resulted in a solution capable of managing every facet of an EMS or NEMT...
Christopher Kelly is an attorney with the law firm of Page, Wolfberg & Wirth which focuses on the ambulance industry. He writes regularly for EMS World and sits on the magazine’s editorial advisory board. He has been an adjunct instructor for Virginia College, teaching Legal Aspects of Healthcare Administration and Health Law and Ethics. Chris represents many ambulance services in Medicare audits and formal investigations, state licensing issues, contracting issues, overpayment appeals and other EMS related matters, winning several cases that have had major impact on ambulance reimbursement in the U.S. He is also a contributor to various other EMS publications and is a frequent lecturer at state and national EMS meetings and conferences.
Steve Wirth is a founding partner of Page, Wolfberg & Wirth, the National EMS Law Firm representing EMS agencies from all sectors throughout the United States. He is a dynamic and engaging national speaker whose presentations address a wide range of EMS legal, compliance, workplace, and leadership topics. In a distinguished four-decade public safety career, Steve has worked in virtually every facet of EMS (both volunteer and career) from the ground up and was one of central Pennsylvania’s first paramedics. Steve is an adjunct professor for the University of Pittsburgh EMS degree program and was a past chair of the Panel of Commissioners for CAAS, the national ambulance service accrediting body. Steve serves on the board of the National EMS Memorial Service, is a member of the NAEMT Lighthouse Leadership Mentorship Project, and is an active participant in the National EMS Memorial Bike Ride – the “Muddy Angels.”
Scott A. Moore will be speaking at EVOLVE on a variety of topics. He has been in the emergency medical services field for over 31 years. Scott has held various executive positions at several ambulance services in Massachusetts. He’ll talk about Medicare Cost Accounting among other important topics at the Wednesday afternoon session. Scott is a licensed attorney, specializing in Human Resources, employment and labor law, ambulance service reimbursement, and corporate compliance matters. He is a Human Resources & Operational Consultant to the American Ambulance Association (AAA) and he created Newton 360, a performance feedback and operational efficiency mobile platform designed specifically for EMS agencies.
J. Todd Sheridan is a seasoned EMS leader with expertise in operations, finance and strategic planning. Mr. Sheridan’s consulting projects have ranged in size from smaller community initiatives to large urban high-performance EMS systems. His skills include assessment and strategic planning, data analysis, operational performance improvement, financial modeling, and staff development. He previously served as the firm’s contracted Director of Operations for Robert Wood Johnson University – EMS/Mobile Health Services.
Brian has worked in EMS for 35+ years - in the field as a medic, and then 25 years as the CEO of a small community service that grew into a medium-sized operation serving multiple counties in Southwest Michigan. He also started and operated a successful website design and development firm. Brian leads product, customer support, IT and training at Traumasoft.
Michael has worked in enterprise software for 30+ years, spending his operational career with Quest Software, BMC Software and Oracle. Michael subsequently became a venture partner with Toba Capital. He served in the US Army and has an MBA from Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business. Michael leads sales, marketing, finance and business development at Traumasoft.
Shawn has been Chief Technology Officer of Traumasoft since its inception in 2008. As such, Shawn is responsible for customer and internal computing infrastructure, security and compliance. He also leads a number of product and organizational initiatives. Shawn served in...
Ricky is an innovative thinker with a broad-based expertise in operations, finance, and business development. Ricky’s experience as a Firefighter, Medic, Marketing Manager, Communications Manager, Billing Manager, Operations Manager, Executive, Board of Directors, and Owner over the last three decades...
Sherri has worked in the EMS Billing industry for 30+ years and owned the largest 911 EMS Billing Company in Ohio until 2015. She has taken a lead role in growing Versatile Revenue Management, Traumasoft’s billing company platform. Sherri has a strong focus on processes and procedures to help maximize client’s overall revenue.